Who Should You Call To Fix Printer Issues? Hint: Not Your IT Department

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Even the best printers have issues now and again. The question is, who fixes the printers in your office? If the answer is your IT personnel, you’re not alone: approximately 50 percent of IT calls in the average office are printer related.

Why waste valuable IT resources on tasks that could be cost-effectively outsourced? A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can look after all your print needs from repairs to consumables, freeing up your IT staff and improving office productivity.

Read on to learn more:

4 Reasons To Partner With MPS

  1. Cost Control – 90% of businesses don’t know how much they spend on print. A Managed Print Service provider can give you some insight into your actual print costs with an assessment of your current print environment. From there, you’ll receive a detailed cost analysis of your printer fleet, helping you pinpoint areas you can streamline to reduce costs.
  1. Increased Productivity – By relieving IT personnel of the burden of troubleshooting printer problems, and office staff from the frustrations and inefficiencies of downtime, productivity is increased across the board.
  1. Simplified Invoicing – Rather than paying a number of suppliers each month, simplify your invoicing with MPS. Billing on a cost-per-page basis encompassing toner and maintenance simplifies your accounting, and makes forecasting your budget much easier with predictable costs.
  1. Automated Troubleshooting – Automating common print related tasks such as toner replacement reduces downtime and enhances the end user experience.

Free up your IT resources by outsourcing printer management to MPS and use that extra time for more important tasks, like growing your business.


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