The Security Risk You May Have in Your Office Right Now

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The contemporary wireless printers of today are extremely sophisticated and capable of many functions including scanning, faxing, document routing and storage. These devices also contain hard drives and can connect to your wireless network, and because of these capabilities, should be considered as office computers…and with any computer, there is a risk for a security breach.

Consider these risks with your wireless office print devices:

  • Wireless networks can allow nefarious individuals to connect and gain access to any available device.  Once infiltrated, the attacker can “jump” to almost anywhere on the network.
  • Wireless printers have their own hard drives which store documents for printing.  Often the documents remain on the hard drive until it is purged, making it easy for a criminal to gain access to sensitive information.
  • The hard drives on printers can also be a place for cyber criminals to drop malware, viruses, or corrupt the printer operating system.

With the right precautions in place you can protect your company’s confidential data. Cleaning your printer hard drives on a frequent basis, installing firewalls and encrypting your network can go along way towards securing your print environment.

To keep your business safe, consult with a Managed Print Services provider to ensure your wireless printers and office devices have the appropriate safeguards in place to prevent unwanted access.


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