The Real Cost of Inkjet Printers

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If you are responsible for your company’s office equipment and you have small inkjet printers in your office, you probably agreed to purchase the machines for budgetary reasons. Many people assume that the low initial price of inkjet printers would save the company money over time.

In truth, inkjet printers can be much more costly than they appear. Most companies do not consider the surprising expense of the actual printer ink–especially color ink–and then fail to budget for supplying ink year over year.

Printer Ink: More Costly Than Blood

How expensive is ink? In comparison with another vital liquid like lifesaving blood, printer ink can be as much as $23.00 per ounce higher! It would cost four billion dollars to fill a swimming pool with the ink that your company’s inkjet printer uses. That should put ink’s cost in perspective.

An inkjet cartridge only lasts around five hundred prints, so depending on how much workflow you have in your office, that might be a very short time.

How to Save Ink—and Money—in the Workplace

Looking for answers on saving your office printing budget? A Managed Print Services provider can help give you a professional opinion. It sometimes pays to have professionals come in and give you an assessment of your print environment. Most companies have more printers than they think they do. And some workplaces don’t really need as many as they think.

An assessment will tell you how many printers you have, what kind of printers they are, how much volume you print and how much ink or toner you use on any given week or month.

Use Printer Assessment Results to Drive Actions

Once you have the results from an assessment you can more proactively make a plan for the future. Maybe it’s as easy as allowing only black and white prints so that you don’t need as many color cartridges. Or maybe it requires limiting the number of employees or departments that can access certain printers in the office.

From there you’ll be in an educated position to determine the best print strategy for your business when it comes to the use of inkjet or laser printers.

There are hidden costs with office equipment, even if the upfront costs don’t seem very high, so it pays to get professional tips whenever you make purchasing decisions.

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