The Many Ways Color Printing Can Help Improve Your Business

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If you are a small to medium sized business, time spent discovering new and innovative ways to cut costs, increase productivity and increase your bottom line is a great investment; but sometimes the answer is right under your nose:  color.

If you’re not leveraging the power of color print, you could very well be missing out.  Consider these statistics:

Increased Productivity 

  • Reduce errors by up to 80 percent by emphasizing instructions and highlighting pertinent information in color.
  • Locate information 70 percent faster by using color.
  • Customers will pay their bills up to 30 percent faster when the amount and due date are highlighted in color.

Growth in Sales

  • Sales materials and communication printed in color generate up to more 80 percent more sales.
  • Brand recognition can be enhanced by approximately 80 percent with the use of color.

Enhanced Communications

  • Reader comprehension and retention is improved on average by 75 percent when materials are printed in color.
  • Rather than using bold text to emphasize pertinent text opt for color instead: studies show a 14 percent increase in reader comprehension using this method.
  • Motivate your employees to work harder and faster by using color on interoffice memos, notices and other office correspondence.

Color printing has the power to revolutionize your business, helping your reach your goals more quickly and efficiently. As a business owner, it’s a simple, effective change you can make that will yield great rewards.


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