The Latest Technology Trends for 2016

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With changes in technology happening at the speed of light, it’s next to impossible to keep up with every new development. To help you stay on top of some of the latest technological developments, Gartner has released their top technology trends for 2016; here are five to look out for in the new year:

  1. Adaptive Security Architecture – Security is a major concern for every organization, where a breach can mean a loss of valuable data, customer information and possibly, your business. In 2016 the trend shifts from defensive security measures to more offensive maneuvers, where applications have built-in self protection and behavioral analytics which may help develop adaptive security measures.
  1. The Device Mesh – The ever-expanding variety of devices allow the mobile user to access information, collaborate with colleagues and remain in constant contact from anywhere with an Internet connection. While typically operating independent of each other, 2016 will see connection models expanding to include greater interaction between devices.
  1. Advanced Machine Learning – Upcoming tech trends suggest an environment where machines will engage in both the collection and analysis of information, essentially learning on their own.
  1. Ambient User Experience – Imagine a world where your devices and the sensors within them can organize thoughts and processes without your knowledge, through a combination of collaboration and synchronicity. This type of advanced technology will allow the user an experience that flows across a variety of devices blending virtual, physical and electronic environments while moving between locations.
  1. Internet of Everything (IoE) – The digital mesh encompasses the production and transmission of information beyond audio, visual and text to include contextual and sensory data. The IoE addresses this increased flow with strategies designed to connect the data from a plethora of sources. Organizations able to take advantage of this influx of information will have a distinct advantage over their competition, able to make sense of an otherwise chaotic barrage of data.

These trends are just the beginning of a connectivity revolution that will help people and businesses around the globe to have access to better information and improve their productivity.

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