The Importance of Office Machine Placement

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Equally important as the type of printers you select for your office, is where you place them. Office machine placement is crucial to workflow, and employee and equipment efficiency. Assess your current configuration before making any necessary changes, and before installing new print equipment; here’s how.

Map It Out

Sketch out your office interior, making note of departments and employees. List what type of printing is required by each, and where applicable equipment is currently located in relation to the user. At this point it should become apparent how crucial office machine placement is to the efficiency of your staff, and how much it can affect productivity. If a user is having to walk halfway across the office to get to the right printer, it’s time to make some adjustments.

Office Machine Placement Strategy 

Finding the right location for each type of printer is easy, as long as you consider the following:

User Requirements: Different departments will have unique needs when it comes to print, in regards to quantity, color vs. black and white, quality, and special requirements such as collating, binding or other advanced techniques. Diverse print media is another consideration, where one department may require a machine that can handle large scale prints, labels, or heavy paper or card stock. If you decide one printer is sufficient to handle the needs of the entire office, be sure to place it closest to those who will use it the most.

Manufacturer Recommendations: Certain environments can be detrimental to the lifespan and operation of print machinery. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to office machine placement, being careful to avoid extreme temperatures, such as a sunny window or heating / air conditioning vents, as well as humidity and dust. Place machines out of the way of high traffic areas where physical damage may occur.

Numbers: Consult your map to determine the number of printers needed, or ask yourself the following questions:

  • What types of projects are being printed?
  • What printer functions do we need?
  • How much printing is done by user or department?
  • Are print requests often delayed?
  • Are specific departments or users complaining about the current print situation?

The importance of office machine placement can be further explained by a Managed Print Services provider, who can also help to streamline your print network, increasing employee efficiency and productivity. Contact us for your free print assessment today to get started.


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