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The Security Risk You May Have in Your Office Right Now

The contemporary wireless printers of today are extremely sophisticated and capable of many functions including scanning, faxing, document routing and storage. These devices also contain hard drives and can connect to your wireless network, and because of these capabilities, should be considered as office computers…and with any computer, there is a risk for a security breach.…

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Don’t Pay More For Print Than You Have To

Here’s an interesting take on managing office costs – ask your employees to bring examples of recently printed documents to you. What you’ll likely notice: one-sided, color prints; some with images or logos – or perhaps decks of PowerPoint slides or print-outs of emails. Then visit your office printer and note the mounds of abandoned…

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4 Ways That Scanning Can Enhance the Efficiency of Your Workplace

Is technology being used to the fullest potential in your workplace? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is probably no. Multifunction printers (MFPs) have become a staple in the workplace environment, and most employees have come to embrace this technology for its ability to print and copy. This high performing machine also offers the…

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Why We’re Still Waiting For The Paperless Office

Many business owners are oblivious to the paper clutter that surrounds them. For as long as they’ve been in business the faxes, bills, invoices, legal documents, memos and manuals have been there. The truth is that clutter is a symptom of inefficiency cutting into profits and business momentum. The thought of switching to digital documents…

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Look Beyond The Features: Choosing the Right MFP For Your Business

If you’ve been shopping for a new multifunction device you’ve probably noticed a slightly puzzling trend.  No matter who makes it, they all pretty much look the same.  The only real difference is price, and even that’s not much of a factor. They all offer the same features, faxing, scanning, copying and printing. To find…

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