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Don’t Pay More For Print Than You Have To

Here’s an interesting take on managing office costs – ask your employees to bring examples of recently printed documents to you. What you’ll likely notice: one-sided, color prints; some with images or logos – or perhaps decks of PowerPoint slides or print-outs of emails. Then visit your office printer and note the mounds of abandoned…

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Who Should You Call To Fix Printer Issues? Hint: Not Your IT Department

Even the best printers have issues now and again. The question is, who fixes the printers in your office? If the answer is your IT personnel, you’re not alone: approximately 50 percent of IT calls in the average office are printer related. Why waste valuable IT resources on tasks that could be cost-effectively outsourced? A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can look after all…

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Streamline Your Workflow With MPS

The quest for an optimal workflow is forefront in the minds of most business owners today.  Print technology plays an important part in an organization’s workflow; and having the right devices in place can make a big difference to an office’s efficiency and productivity. Today’s multifunction printers (MFP) work to enhance productivity while saving material cost. An MFP’s ability to print, copy,…

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Reduce Your Expenses and Protect Your Business With Document Management

Do you have a system in place to manage your documents? The truth is many businesses don’t understand the importance of controlling documents, or their actual cost.  The US EPA estimates that worldwide businesses produce 300 million tons of paper every year.  Today, the technology exists to seriously curtail and control document output.  Beyond the…

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How a Print Assessment Can Help Get Your Print Costs Under Control

For many businesses, the last unaudited department is often their print environment. Perhaps you’ve been offered a print assessment or have seen an offer online and wondered exactly what it is. A print assessment can provide you with tangible and immediate insight into your operation’s print environment. An assessment catalogs and analyzes your operation’s entire print…

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