Streamline Your Workflow With MPS

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The quest for an optimal workflow is forefront in the minds of most business owners today.  Print technology plays an important part in an organization’s workflow; and having the right devices in place can make a big difference to an office’s efficiency and productivity.

Today’s multifunction printers (MFP) work to enhance productivity while saving material cost. An MFP’s ability to print, copy, scan and share can help reduce the amount of paper needed to conduct normal business; at the same time, integrating an MFP with cloud technology can significantly improve bandwidth, remote access and data security.

Most models even include sorting, folding, hole-punching and stapling functions to reduce the time workers would spend doing these tasks manually.

How Managed Print Services Can Help
A Managed Print Services provider can provide you with a thorough assessment of your printing needs and current equipment. You may find that printers or scanners are not placed as efficiently as they could be for maximum use; or that the equipment is outdated enough to risk downtime from maintenance or software issues.

After the assessment, an MPS  provider will show you ways to optimize your workflow by:

  • Recommending the right equipment for your needs;
  • Locating it where it will be most functional; and
  • Training your staff on ways to reduce paper and toner usage and employing online share functions instead of printing hard copies.

You will also have access to routine maintenance, which typically involves integrating software that can detect problems with your print devices before they become big issues. The right maintenance system can reduce the risk of downtime and keep your print fleet operating at top capacity.

From in-house marketing materials to accounting documentation, there’s a combination of hardware and software that will make your document workflow more efficient while saving cost on materials and downtime. A Managed Print Services program in your workplace could be the ideal starting point.


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