Reduce Your Expenses and Protect Your Business With Document Management

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Do you have a system in place to manage your documents? The truth is many businesses don’t understand the importance of controlling documents, or their actual cost.  The US EPA estimates that worldwide businesses produce 300 million tons of paper every year.  Today, the technology exists to seriously curtail and control document output.  Beyond the sustainability issues of reducing paper use, you might be surprised to learn the true cost  to your business of relying on paper.

A recent study by The Paperless Project Found:

  • The average office creates in excess of 10,000 document pages per year, 17% are never used
  • As much as 80% of the information in the average office is retained on paper
  • The average cost to process an invoice is $24.00
  • The average cost for locating a misfiled document is $125.00
  • 75% of small to medium sized businesses have no disaster recovery plan

Gain Peace of Mind AND Cut Your Expenses!

Having a document management program is beneficial on a number of levels. Studies have shown that 70% of businesses that do not have a disaster recovery plan in place will fail within three weeks of a catastrophic fire or flood.  Putting a document management plan in place can help to keep your business working in the event of a disaster. By automating backup to an offsite facility, your valuable records will be saved outside of the office, ready to recover in the event of an unforeseen crisis.

Xerox’s ConnectKey is an excellent product that can help you get your documents under control.  ConnectKey allows employees to collaborate, scan, print, share, store,  and save documents to the cloud. Backup is automatic and because it’s offsite, easily accessible in the event you need to start over after disaster strikes. Because files are digitally stored, invoicing time can be cut significantly saving money. And digital documents are completely searchable by a number of different criteria. That means no more money wasted searching for lost files.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of implementing a document management system, give us a call and schedule a free document and technology assessment. Let us show you how document management can increase your staff’s productivity, cut your expenses and provide piece of mind if disaster strikes.

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