How to Know When Your Printer’s Driver Needs Updating

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In today’s lightning fast world of technology, updating our devices on a regular basis has become a fact of life. From your computer’s software to your iPhone or Android, we all are used to updating. To keep your printer running smoothly, your printer’s driver needs to be updated from time to time as well.

What’s a Print Driver? Why Update It?  

print driver is what enables your printer to translate the data sent to it from your computer or devices.  You can imagine how your workflow and your office’s productivity would grind to a halt if your print driver fails. If you’ve encountered the following, your print driver may be ready for an update:

  1. Your print quality is deteriorating
  2. Projects disappear from the queue before they are printed
  3. Connectivity problems
  4. Eventually, your printer will stop responding altogether

If you have noticed these types of printer problems already, then it is time to check the print driver and consider updating. Here are four tips to updating your print driver the right way:

1. Know your printer: First, locate the make, model and brand of your machine. Not all print drivers are the same, so it is important to identify the right one.

2. Identify what update is best for your printer: Secondly, you should investigate which driver update will solve your printer’s issues. Not all updates are the same, and the latest isn’t always the best. Search for the best update for your make and model on the manufacturer’s website.

3. Download and install the right update: Next step is to download and install the update; the installer will guide you through the process.

4. Test, test, test: After the update is installed, run a few printing tests from various connected devices to ensure your print driver update has solved your issue.

You will never realize how important your print driver is to your printer’s performance until it falters. Update it when needed.


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