How a Print Assessment Can Help Get Your Print Costs Under Control

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For many businesses, the last unaudited department is often their print environment. Perhaps you’ve been offered a print assessment or have seen an offer online and wondered exactly what it is. A print assessment can provide you with tangible and immediate insight into your operation’s print environment.

An assessment catalogs and analyzes your operation’s entire print environment including behaviors, volumes and costs. This data is then used to prepare a report that can help you to evaluate and identify areas for potential cost savings, increasing productivity and reducing the waste your company produces.

But, What Exactly is a Print Assessment?

Basically, it’s an examination of the components that make up your company’s entire print environment including supplies, inventory of devices, print behaviors, energy use, and per page costs. This data is collected over time and a report is compiled which includes:

  • Full Inventory of Devices – networked and offline
  • Usage and Volumes for Each Device – black and white and color prints
  • Actual Cost-Per-Page – by device and overall averages
  • User Activities – by department or end user
  • Energy Consumption
  • Recycling Practices – for paper and consumables like print cartridges

After you’ve reviewed the numbers, you’ll be in a much better position to make both short and long-term educated decisions on where to cut costs, and increase productivity. You can also compare your company’s performance numbers against benchmarks for other similar operations.

Type of Assessments

There are three common options based upon your business size and dynamics, including:

  • Walk Around – For smaller operations a walk around may be enough. Machines are inventoried and a configuration sheet is printed at the beginning and end of a typical day. These numbers are then projected out over a week, month or year.
  • Software Deployment – Takes a longer view and offers a more in depth look. Software assessment can often offer real savings of up to 30% almost immediately!
  • Onsite Professional Service – Larger corporations with multiple locations often require onsite visits to collect and analyze data and behaviors. Often, the return is equal to the scope of the study and can offer significant cost savings!

Most companies can realize significant cost savings by getting their print environment inefficiencies under control. An assessment is a smart first step that will pay you back with increased productivity, significant cost reductions and a greener office!

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